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About Anvil Tyre Centre

We are a family run, independent business.


Anvil Tyres is run by brothers Daniel and Kyle Wethers, who are the fifth generation of this family to operate their business continuously from these premises for a period of 170 years.

The business was originally started by their great, great grandfather, a blacksmith and farrier, to serve the local agricultural community.

The blacksmith/farrier operation was subsequently carried on, firstly by his son Edward Napier and then by his grandson William Napier (Daniel and Kyle’s grandfather) until the early 1960s, by which time it had evolved to become a filling station and shop with tyre sales in addition to the blacksmith.

The photograph of this period shows the transition from active blacksmith’s forge to vehicle tyre services.

William Napier

Edward Napier


From the mid-‘60s there was no longer a blacksmith as tractors had replaced horses on farms and tyre fitting gradually became the principal activity, with the petrol sales and shop disappearing as tyre fitting took over.